I have make a move

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Dear all,

I already move my blog to following address:-


Come to visit me…


Suprise from TNT

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What a suprise for me when I received a big envelop from TNT and chop with “URGENT”. At first, I thought there is some outstanding payment notice in the envelop. So I just put aside and do my other works and almost forget about this envelop from TNT. After quit some time, I only notice the envelop and I think is time to open it. And guess what is inside the envelop?


HoHo..is the KFC/Pizza Cash Voucher. Although is just RM10, but is enough for me.

Thanks TNT

Award from Josephine Heaven

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Got this award from Josephine. What a nice and sweet gal. Thanks.


Rules to be follow:-

1.  Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” and paste in your blog.

2.  Link or tell something about the person who gave you the award.

Josephine, my secondary school mate. She always wearing her pink color uniform and I wearing my blue moster uniform. We get to know more on each other during Form 4 and Form 5, but we same class since Form 1. She is lovely and very lady with her long hair but as for me I am 38 and boyish with my short boycut.

3.  Each one of you who receive this award must list down 10 facts/hobbies about yourself.

  • I love veges more than meat (especially pork, i will try to get away from it if possible).
  • I like flower and gardening, especially on orchids.
  • I like to take lots of nice photo but I am not that expert photographer (still learning).
  • I like to sleep.
  • I like travelling, at least once a year (must out of Malaysia boundaries).
  • I got a big ass with my height only 160cm and weight 50kgs. And people keep telling after delivery, my ass will getting more bigger and my shape will look like a peel later.
  • I hate pimples on my face but I like fried foods.
  • I like rainy day so I can fall into my own word again.
  • I hate jam while I am driving.
  • I like to collect cute things.

Who should I pass this award. …..??? I think to all who read my blog.

Melacca – Part 2

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Post for 30/01/09

Today is the last day we will at Melacca. All of us start our journey again around 11am as 3 of us sleep like a pig and can’t get up join my in law and his youngest brother and my fulture sis-in-law for the breakfast…too bad. End up we decided to have lunch at Jonkey Walk, the famous Chicken ball rice at Melacca.

Before we start, let take some photos first.


A view from the Apartment balcony. The Mahkota Shopping Complex just opposite us.


Let have a picture together with the golden OX.


Before reach the Jonkey Walk, we will pass through the Melacca River.


The Jonkey Walk. Can you see, there are many cars and people. Guess what, the chicken ball rice shop is pack of people and the queue is damn long and even on those not famous restaurant also pack of people. Is hard for 7 of us to squeeze in. End up we had our lunch at a Baba Noya shop and the price is super expensive. 1 can of 100plus cost RM5, fried mee RM10/pack….(- -)” and is not tasty at all. I swear myself I will never visit this shop again. After an hour we hang around, we head back to KL due to super hot, super pack and someone the mood is not that good. Result, never come to Melacca town during Chinese New Year.


At night, my family and Brian’s family had dinner and Lou Shang together.

Melacca – Part 1

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Post for 29/01/09

This year CNY family trip is Melacca town. Why choose Melacca? Due to my bro-in-law want to bring the parent meet up with his gf parent for marry approval. Both of them planning to get marry this year, mostly on December, during school holiday so all the relatives from outstation can come and join the wedding party.

We start our journey around 8:30am and reach at Alor Gajar around 10am something and we need to spend another 1 hour to reach his gf house. Quit far away from Malacca town and the hotel we stay (1 hour drive)..phew. As usual, chit chat section, lunch together and visit the garden, her anuty like gardening, many orchid plant in her garden, feel want to ask for some different spiecies but not dare…haha.

Night, makan makan at restaurant, sing K as we sit in the VIP room. Foods at there consider good but bit of expensive compare to KL. Around 9pm we head back to Mahkota Hotel, park the car at the hotel and we start our night visit to Melacca by our both legs. Just 5 minutes walk then we reach Mahkota Shopping Complex already and continue walking, we reach famosa and so on…….


The Jetty…just next to Mahkota Hotel.  My in law said nothing special inside there so we didn’t further discover here.


Anywhere can be found, the tricycle. They even put the new year song while riding.

dscf1276 dscf1281

The Maritime Musuem


Melacca Dragon @_@….


Tami Sari Tower. Similar with the Singapore one.


Newton Hawker Center.


Ohh…the lion look at us, scare we take away the satay.


Chicken satay, RM0.60/pc, price same as KL but the differenr here less fat. We try to order the pork satay but the gal told us “SOLD OUT”…hai, try next time.


Darling…don’t open your mouth so big, later the fly go in.


Dessert after satay…yummy.

Chinese New Year, Day 2 – 年初二

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For chinese traditional, the second day of chinese new year is for all those lady who had married, back to their parent house. For my family, each year during this day we will gather up at my aunty stall in the evening, (Bah Kuh Teh) to have a family dinner and then only back to my parent house.


Photo time… my sis and her cute monster


After eat is mahjong time at my parent house, once a year. I not expert in this game so I didn’t play. End up Brian play with my father, uncle and aunty and he lost a lots to them in this game…haha


And for me, hang around in the small apartment and take some photos….here is the praying stuffs.


The basket full of little madarin oranges and peanut.


So many new year cookies found in my parent house….phew

  1. Pumpkin Seed Cookies – tasteless
  2. Fried Lotus – cruncy
  3. Peanut Puff – is a must for each year
  4. Pineapple tart – yummy
  5. Almond slice biscuit topping with honey – thumb up
  6. Cereal Rising + Walnut cookies – delicious
  7. Green Tea Walnut Cookies – healthy
  8. Sour Plum – I can’t have too much
  9. Almond Chocolate Cookies – for those who like chocolate
  10. Fried Arrow Head – only can be found once a year
  11. Pistachio Nut – slurp
  12. Muruku – a type of Indian snack

This only part of it..haha

Chinese New Year, Day 1 – 年初一

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Every year, my whole family will celebrate the first day of Chinese New Year at the Buddhist Society House. Pray, sing song and ofcourse ang pow giving time but this year I save up lots of ang pow because I didn’t simply give people compare last year…haha


The little moster celebrating the Chinese New Year. They received many ang pow, no joke okie. Wish I still can receive ang pow. The bother is smart, whoever give him ang pow, he sure will tell them: “Still got one more, for my mei mei (sister)”. Haha…smart right!


See, he is so happy with the big gold in front of him.

In the afternoon, fetch them to Jasco playground as promised. What promises? My sis promised the son, if he manage finish the homework the day before by himself without any assist she will bring her to playground. So end up, Brian had to fetch them to Jasco as my bro-in-law still sleep like a PIG. 


Ohh…she is cute and can wave her hand towards us when Brian and I try to capture her photo. hahaha


Can you imagine, last time is pack of kids and today just few monster in the playground. They can screen, run and play without worries…haha. Most of the shops close for that day but ofcourse our main purpose is not shopping. After a while, Brian and I went for our lunch as we woke up around 10:30am reach at the place around 12pm and we didn’t take any free vege foods there. Brian is meat eater type.


End up we have our lunch at Secret Recipi again.

That goes for my Day 1, nothing much activities, sleep, eat, watch movie and sleep again. Lazy to go out at night as need to give away ang pow..haha